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The Predator vs The Meg!

September 11, 2018

Open Friday & Saturday only! For this lovely September weekend we have 2 movies we haven’t shown…..the 1st is The Predator….a young boy accidentally triggers the universe’s most lethal hunters’ return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.  Our 2nd feature is The Meg ….after escaping an attack by what he claims was a 70-foot shark, Jonas Taylor must confront his fears to save those trapped in a sunken submersible. We have a Read More

It’s Pandemonium!!

September 3, 2018

It’s that time again, time for pandemonium at the Skyline’s …..the Pandemonium Picture Show 2018!! So what is it…..dusk ’til dawn exploitation films Friday & Saturday night….that’s right, you live at the Skyline for 2 nights….watch TEN different movies over those 2 nights….The Rocket Doll Revue will be here to exploit their burlesque on Friday night… musical acts Scot Shrader & Indyca!  That sure seems like pure pandemonium……but if that’s not enough pandemonium….scream-queen Linnea Quigley will be appearing  and directors: Todd Sheets, Matt Jaissle & J.R. Bookwalter Read More

Labor Day Weekend! Drive-In-Sanity! Indie Sinsations!

August 28, 2018

This Wednesday night we have a hell of an Indie Sinsations!  The acclaimed new horror/mystery film Summer of ’84 and last years comedy/horror Pool Party Massacre.  Summer Of ’84 is creating quite a buzz and we are the only theater’s in Indiana screening it. Don’t miss your chance to see it! Open Friday & Saturday, plus a bonus day….Sunday! And as always on Sunday’s….$24/carload is back for the last time this season! For this Labor Day, we chose to encore the biggest animated film of Read More

Don’t Go In the Water!

August 21, 2018

 It’s that time again, time for the Skyline’s biggest event of the season……Super Monster Movie Fest 2018!!   This years theme: Don’t Go In the Water! So what is it…..dusk to dawn monster movies Friday & Saturday night….that’s right, you live at the Skyline for 2 nights….watch 8 different movies over those 2 nights….Sammy Terry will be here the entire weekend… musical acts Chris Wolf & Cari Ray….it’s guaranteed to get you wet! Friday: 5pm Gates Open 7pm Musical guest: Chris Wolf 8:15pm Sammy Terry Read More

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!

August 14, 2018

Now open on Friday & Saturday only! This weekend at your Skyline, we are heading back to 1968 for a double-dose of acid drenched psychedelia courtesy the Beatles & the Monkees! It’s the 50th anniversary theatrical re-release of Yellow Submarine and Head – remastered in 4K!!  Join John, Paul, George & Ringo aboard their Yellow Submarine as they travel to Pepperland to fight the Blue Meanies! Join Mike, Davy, Mickey & Peter as they travel….to… be honest, if you can ascertain the plot of Head Read More

William Castle Would Be Proud: Which Ending Will You Choose?

August 7, 2018

Now open on Friday and Saturday only! Where’s The Meg?  Let’s address the giant fish in the room….simply a scheduling issue. When a movie ‘breaks‘ it’s required to carry it for 2 weekends. Unfortunately next weekend is our long scheduled Beatles Weekend – thus we couldn’t get The Meg because it could not show next weekend…and the studios don’t dig that.  So we must wait to screen it…, as for this weekend goes at your Skyline…………. America’s 3rd political party, the New Founding Fathers of Read More

The Mission Continues With The Sequelizer!

July 30, 2018

Last week for Thursdays & Sunday’s at the Skyline!  After this week, the Skyline will be open Friday and Saturday only. Sunday’s are $24/carload! Mission Impossible:Fallout encores with Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, and some familiar allies, racing against time after a mission goes wrong.  After MI:F, stay up late with Denzel in: The Equalizer 2!  Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed, but how far will he go when that is someone he loves? We have a winner!  Other than Tom Cruise Read More