Dave Muskett on stage at the Skyline Friday June 19th 7:30pm

Dave Muskett will performing at the Skyline Friday June 19th at 7:30pm. This is a free show with paid admission to the Skyline. After his show we will be showing Jurassic World and Spy. Here’s more about Dave.
Dave Muskett is an award winning Blues guitarist delivering a sophisticated finger-style technique with his guitar, and a smooth, mature honesty with his voice. Serving well both old masters such as Doc Watson, Fury Lewis, and Robert Johnson, as well as such contemporary’s as Taj Mahal, Roy Bookbinder, and Chris Smither.Piedmont, Rag Time, Traditional and Country-Blues all blend and fuse to form the refined composite that is the sound of Dave Muskett. Drawing from nearly three decades of professional performance, Dave is currently coming into his own as a rising songwriter, with upbeat, rag time infused tunes, as well as darker, deeper grooved blues songs. Muskett is also emerging as a true force on the Blues Festival scene. Performing primarily as a solo act, Dave Muskett has been honing his skills playing a wide variety of instruments and genres but found his true place playing the blues guitar. His acoustic act has been referred to as a stimulating and cerebral experience. Age 16 was the big turning point in Dave’s life. He got his first job in a burger joint, but more importantly he began playing his guitar in a rock and roll band, Black Heath, with local musicians 10 years his senior. A year later the band was playing bars and clubs around Indiana with Dave now occupying the lead guitar position, his parents had separated leaving Dave alone in what had been the family’s home. With no adult supervision other than a working rock band, finishing High School was not an option. When the oldest of his brothers moved back home, Dave was pushed out to make room for the brothers wife and children. “I was homeless for one day. Had it not been for the band, I would have been living under the South Main Street Bridge permanently.” By his mid-20s, Dave had married his longtime girlfriend Jacci and began building a family of their own, all the while playing in more bands than anyone can remember as guitarist, vocalist, bassist, or drummer, basically whatever was needed. The transition to finger-style blues guitar was a long, gradual process. Influenced earlier on by a Doc Watson record he heard at a friend’s house, Dave began to look farther and farther back in time at the music that was speaking to him louder than anything on the radio. “I just wasn’t getting anything out of those gigs any more. No rush, no challenge, no fire. Many times I was hired by a band to replace a missing member on guitar or drums or bass. Didn’t matter what kind of a band they thought they were, they all had very similar set lists. I’d go in with no practice; I’d look and sound like I had been to every rehearsal. I got many offers to join bands but I had had all I could take. I really had to search ‘inside’ myself and ask ‘what do I want to do?’ What is going to have to happen to make me feel accomplishment again? To make me feel the passion I have for my instrument? I found out, and to put it very simply, it’s growth. Turns out treading water is as good as drowning to me.” Dave once again found himself spending long hours alone with the guitar. But this time he was going back in time with Mississippi John Hurt, Pink Anderson, and others as his guide. Working hard at building his repertoire, then working even harder at landing a gig at the world famous Slippery Noodle Inn downtown Indianapolis. In the last two years Dave has had only two months without playing the Noodle. Most months Dave plays there twice. Muskett has also played two IBCs and three Blues Festivals in that time and has secured performances at future festivals including the Bradenton Blues Festival, Bradenton Florida in December 2014. “Now is the time for me to take bigger steps. I have much to offer and am now looking for the right professionals that can help me make the most of my drive, ambition, and creativity.” Some recent notes:•Winner of the 2012 Dayton OH Blues Challenge •Main Stage performer 2013 Dayton Winter Blues Fest •Winner 2013 Cincinnati Blues Challenge. •2013 International Blues Challenge participant, Memphis TN. •2014 International Blues Challenge Semi-finalist, Memphis TN. •Main Stage performer at the 2013 Cincy Blues Fest •Featured performer 2014 Cincy Winter Blues Fest •Monthly performer at the world famous Slippery Noodle Inn, Indianapolis. •Featured performer Elizabethtown KY Blues Fest May 2014 •In between acts performer 2014 Bradenton Blues Fest, Bradenton FL