Jimmy The Doorman live at the Skyline Friday Night

Jimmy The Doorman will be on stage at the Skyline Friday June 26th at around 7:45pm don’t miss this fun show and then stay for the movies. We will be showing Inside Out & Jurassic World.

Jimmy the Doorman… three veteran Indiana rockers who have played in some of the most popular bands this part of the country has ever produced including Faith Band, The Chosen Few, and Moviola. Jimmy the Doorman… guitarist/vocalist Mark “Ivo” Iverson, drummer Dave Barnes, bassist/vocalist Ron Townsend. Jimmy the Doorman… playing timeless classics from Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top, The Eagles, Steely Dan, Bob Seger, Tom Petty, and The Rolling Stones as well as newer favorites from The Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, The Rembrandts, The Kings of Leon, and many, many more! Jimmy the Doorman… still writing, recording, and releasing new original music. Everybody ought to have a Doorman… why not Jimmy?