Indie Drive-In Sin-Sations at the Skyline Wednesday July 22nd

Indie Drive-In Sin-Sations presents screenings of Headless & Disco Exorcist with musical guest Onity and the Follenreeds
Gate opens at 7pm. Music at 8pm and movies at dark. Tickets are $7.

**MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY** Indie SINsations is a monthly double feature at The Skyline Drive-In, showcasing new indie horror films. The majority of the films being shown at these events have only been screened in the festival circuit. Most have never been shown before at a drive-in theater. Due to the graphic nature of these films, our July event is intended for adults only. No one under 17 will be admitted in to see these movies! They are so shocking and devastating the owners of this drive-in wanted to point out how graphic they are to give you as much warning as possible before you attend. Indie SINsations presents… Headless & THE DISCO EXORCIST …and a performance from special musical guests: Onity and the Follenreeds! $7 a person or $20 a carload Gates at 7pm Films shown at dark. “Headless” (2015) directed by Arthur Cullipher “The body count climbs as a skull-masked killer battles his inner demons in this “lost” slasher film from 1978.