A New Superhero Is Making The Rounds….

No, not Wonder Woman….Captain Underpants!

This Thursday is the final night for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Aliens: Covenant! Then beginning Friday Captain Underpants and Baywatch make their debut at the SkylineWhile Saturday-night continues our Drive-Insanity triple-feature series!

And speaking of continuing series, our annual Dog-A-Palooza is also this Saturday – gates open early @5pm…bring your dogs…play some games, win some prizes and purchase some cool doggy merch!

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales finds Jack Sparrow searching for the trident of Poseidon with ghost-pirates hot on his wake.   Aliens: Covenant finds the crew of the colony ship, Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world.  Captain Underpants an aptly named superhero from a 4th graders homemade comic books that accidentally becomes real when the boys hypnotize their ill-tempered principal.  Baywatch – the hilarious cinematic adaptation of the cult-hit TV series.  Our Saturday night only, Drive-Insanity feature, is Hot Summer In Barefoot County, a 1974 film about a  city cop sent to the country to  bust up a ring of moonshiners run by a woman and her 3 hot teenage daughters.

Because this is the Summer,  remember that the Skyline will be open Thursday, yes this Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! So 4 days a week the Skyline will be open! Our continued Summer celebration offers free kids admission with the purchase of every adult admission – Thursday ONLY!

Sunday’s mean the Skyline Prize Wheel!  Visit the Skyline on Sunday, only,  and look inside the handout given to you at the box office for a Golden Ticket – if you get one – you get to spin the Skyline Prize Wheel for free concessions, prizes or admissions!

We have a winner!  Aaron DeSpain has won 2 free passes to the Skyline for providing the correct answer that Paul McCartney’s joke in Dead Men Tell No Tales was pinched from Depp’s movie Donnie Brasco. Congrats Aaron! 

No trivia this week, instead we have something better…..this Friday night, only…..in celebration of the silliness of this weekends movie Captain Underpants….show up wearing  your favorite underpants and win a free pass to the Skyline (to be used at your next visit)…..Friday night only! Remember kids will be around – so keep it tasteful.  Wearing your underpants over your shorts, pants, skirt, what have you…just keep your sensibilities about you when you decide what to wear….

This weeks SkyCafe special: Since cotton will be ‘in’ this weekend, how about buy 2 bags of cotton candy, get 1 free!