Cars and Underpants…..Sounds Like A Crazy Weekend!

Race on in to the Skyline this Thursday for an exclusive premier of Pixar’s Cars 3 followed by an encore of Captain Underpants !

Our weekend starts with the third installment of Pixar’s Cars series, Cars 3, which finds Lightning McQueen and his fellow Radiator Springs cohorts dealing with newer, younger racing competition as well as resolving past issues and adjusting to life’s inevitable change and an uncertain future.   Our second feature is the underrated Captain Underpants, the aptly named superhero from a 4th graders homemade comic books that  becomes real when the boys hypnotize their ill-tempered principal.  Our Saturday night only, Drive-Insanity triple-feature, is The Starhops,  a 1978 film about three carhops whom team-up to save their fast food joint from going broke.

Because this is the Summer,  remember that the Skyline will be open Thursday, yes this Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! So 4 days a week the Skyline will be open! Our continued Summer celebration offers free kids admission with the purchase of every adult admission – Thursday ONLY!

Sunday’s mean the Skyline Prize Wheel!  Visit the Skyline on Sunday, only,  and look inside the handout given to you at the box office for a Golden Ticket – if you get one – you get to spin the Skyline Prize Wheel for free concessions, prizes or admissions!

This weeks trivia:  The name of George and Harold’s elementary school in Captain Underpants is an homage to whom?   Be 1st to reply to to win 2 free passes to the Skyline!

This weeks SkyCafe special: Buy a 16″ pizza and get two toppings of your choice – for free!