Cars Takes A Victory Lap And The Woman All The World’s Waiting For!

Race on in to the Skyline this weekend for an encore of Cars 3  followed by the debut of Wonder Woman at your Skyline – starting Friday!

Thursday night, only, will be Cars 3 and the last night for Captain Underpants.

Cars 3  finds Lightning McQueen and his fellow Radiator Springs cohorts dealing with newer, younger racing competition as well as resolving past issues and adjusting to life’s inevitable change and an uncertain future.   Our second feature is the much requested Wonder Woman  in which an immortal superheroine leaves the sanctuary of her mystical hidden island for a world in midst of its first world war.  Our Saturday night only, Drive-Insanity triple-feature, is Witchfire,  a 1986 film in which  Shelley Winters is a witch who heads up a trip of escaped mental patients to her dilapidated home in the woods where they try to conjure up the spirit of their dead psychiatrist.

Because this is the Summer,  remember that the Skyline will be open Thursday,  Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! So 4 days a week the Skyline will be open! Our continued Summer celebration offers free kids admission with the purchase of every adult admission – Thursday ONLY!

Sunday’s mean the Skyline Prize Wheel!  Visit the Skyline on Sunday, only,  and look inside the handout given to you at the box office for a Golden Ticket – if you get one – you get to spin the Skyline Prize Wheel for free concessions, prizes or admissions!

We have a winner!  In Captain Underpants, the elementary school where most of the films action takes place is in fact named in homage to Curly Howard aka Jerome Horwitz of the Three Stooges. Congrats to Shawn Settles for providing the correct answer! Enjoy your free passes to the Skyline.

This weeks trivia: Themyscira was also know as what island in the Wonder Woman  comics and TV show?   Be 1st to reply to to win 2 free passes to the Skyline!

This weeks SkyCafe special: Buy our signature SkyDog and get fries for free!