Let’s Keep Swinging With Spidey…And Gru!

This week we continue with what may just be the biggest movie of the Summer, Spider-man: Homecoming for our first feature,  as well as what just may be the biggest animated film of the year,  Despicable Me 3 for our second feature.   We had to make a tough choice last weekend by showing the animated film 2nd so we could screen the highly anticipated new movie first, but this weekend, we figured it’d make sense to get the animated film on screen first.

Despicable Me 3 finds Gru discovering a brother he never knew he had, and fighting a new villain that just can’t let the 80’s go. And just because it’s the 4th in the series – you may be surprised to find it’s nearly as good as the 1st.

Spider-Man: Homecoming picks up several months after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens, New York City while fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges.

Our Drive-In-Sanity 35mm triple feature this week is Busted Up.  This rarely seen Canuxploitation film (i.e. Canadian B-movie) is a  1986 film about a Canadian boxer trying to keep his daughter and reunite with his wife (played by 80’s darling Irene Cara) while at the same time save his neighborhood with a fight.   Come see it for the first time with us Saturday night following our double feature.

Our continued Summer celebration offers free kids admission with the purchase of every adult admission – Thursday ONLY!

Sunday’s mean the Skyline Prize Wheel!  Visit the Skyline on Sunday, only,  and look inside the handout given to you at the box office for a Golden Ticket – if you get one – you get to spin the Skyline Prize Wheel for free concessions, prizes or admissions!

We didn’t have a winner?!?  The answer to the trivia question was 11. There have been 11 theatrically released, live action movies, with Spider-Man in them.  The obvious modern films, as well as 4 from the 70’s; including one that was Japanese (YouTube it, it’s awful).

This week’s trivia: In SM:Homecoming, Ned Leeds is Peter’s best friend, in the comics however,  Ned is better known as whom?   Be 1st to reply to info@theskylinedrivein.com to win 2 free passes to the Skyline!

This weeks SkyCafe special: The Sweet & Spicy Deal.  Buy one spicy chicken sandwich, get one sweet chocolate-chip cookie free!