Come To The Skyline For A Quiet Place To Watch Infinity War!

Avengers: Infinity War and A Quiet Place – the #1 and #2 movies at the box office – together at the Skyline this weekend!

We have a winner!  What’s the last Infinity stone to be uncovered/found? Tyler Smith was 1st to correctly answer, the Soul Stone  So Tyler gets 2 free passes to the Skyline!  Now keep in mind, this the 3rd time Tyler has won….there is no limit and it appears that Tyler has found the secret to the Skyline!

This weeks trivia:   In what film was an Infinity Gauntlet first seen? Be 1st to reply to to win 2 free passes to the Skyline!!

This Saturday night, May 5th,  is the return of Drive-Insanity – in a new format!  It’s dusk till dawn! One Saturday night only, each month – Drive-Insanity will feature a double, double-feature. The 1st double-feature are 1st-run movies, as always, but the 2nd double-feature are rare 35mm  films. All for the regular admission!  This weekend it’s 2 movies that originally screened together in 1970, Don’t Just lay There and Acapulco Uncensored.

In Spring, the weather may seem formidable, but remember a little rain and some cold air does not lessen the experience…the Skycafe is nice and warm and so is your vehicle – don’t let a little weather stop you from enjoying an affordable night out at the movies!

Skycafe Special: We are reintroducing the SkyDog! …..Buy a SkyDog (spicy hot dog, white queso & bacon on a bun)  get fries for free!  But remember, you gotta ask!!