Memorial Day Weekend

Now open Thursday through Sunday….AND we are open early so you have plenty of time to get a spot and something to eat…gates open @ 6pm, movie on screen @ 9pm!

Saturday night is a special “Camp At The Skyline” night….pitch a tent, park a small camper, stay  through the morn on Saturday night only…Enjoy a special 3rd feature as well as breakfast served when you awake!

We start the festivities out with the live-action remake of the Disney animated classic: Aladdin.  Our 2nd feature is the ani-live hit: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.…and Saturday night ONLY – a special 3rd feature – The Intruder….sometimes it’s hard to let your old home go!

May 31st weekend will be:  Aladdin…our 2nd feature is TBA.

Be sure to check out our new and expanded menu – we have many more items than last year to choose from and our earlier opening time (6pm) allows for folks to plan for an affordable meal at the SkyCafe!

So….if you come early, this weekends early-bird special is buy one, get one free fish sandwich!  Corona beer-battered fish – trust us – it’s amazing!  Only good from  6 – 7pm!

We have a winner!  What classic movie-within-a-movie from the 1990’s makes a cameo in Detective Pikachu? Heather Melton answered correctly: Angels With Filthy Souls (from Home Alone)!  Heather wins 2 free passes to the Skyline.

This weeks trivia:  The story of Aladdin is found in what tome of Middle Eastern folk tales? Be 1st to reply to and win 2 free passes to the Skyline!!