It’s November…..And We’re Still Open!

That’s right, drive-in season doesn’t end in October….no sir….this weekend we screen another installment of the Terminator series with Terminator: Dark Fate and the highly underrated Gemini Man — don’t let critics dictate your viewing – a lot of movies may not be critical darlings – but they can be fantastic films!

Open Friday & Saturday only!  Gates open @ 6pm – Terminator on screen @ 7:30pm

This Wednesday night is Devil’s Night and to celebrate we will host our final Pandemonium Picture Show of the season – this final installment ends with an amazing double-feature: Torso (1973) and  Slumber Party Massacre (1982).  Gates open @ 6pm – Torso on screen @ 7:30pm….Tickets are $10 per person…no one under 18 allowed……

We have a winner! Win the 90’s Addams Family animated TV series – whom voiced Uncle Fester?  Jody Huffman  correctly answered with: Rip Taylor (may he rest in peace!)  Jody wins 2 free passes to the Skyline!!  I would state that someone named Brandon actually was first to answer – but since he provided nothing but the name “Brandon”  (just because you have an email address doesn’t cut it) – no tickets for you…….

This weeks trivia:    Although the 6th movie in the series Terminator: Dark Fate falls where in the timeline? Be 1st to reply to to win 2 free passes to the Skyline!!