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Theater Sound
Enjoy the movie audio through your car's sound system.

Tune to 89.9 FM
Hours and Cost
Open Wednesday - Sunday 6PM
Show starts at 7:00pm
Adults · $10
Children 6-12 · $5
Children 5 and Under · Free
We accept credit cards at our box office
as well as at the skyline cafe.
Pet friendly!
Bring your doggie! How many theaters welcome your best friend to enjoy the movie with you? Well, we do! Bring the doggie snacks and enjoy the show!
$25 Whole Car Load!
Wednesdays and Thursdays
One Movie Only · All Tickets $5
Coming Soon
For group or private events, advertising on our screen or sponsorships contact us at:
We gladly accept

for all purchases.

We ask that you do not bring food, drinks, drugs or alcohol into the Skyline.
Failure to comply with this request will result in being removed from the drive-in.
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