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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!

Now open on Friday & Saturday only!

This weekend at your Skyline, we are heading back to 1968 for a double-dose of acid drenched psychedelia courtesy the Beatles & the Monkees! It’s the 50th anniversary theatrical re-release of Yellow Submarine and Head – remastered in 4K!!  Join John, Paul, George & Ringo aboard their Yellow Submarine as they travel to Pepperland to fight the Blue Meanies! Join Mike, Davy, Mickey & Peter as they travel….to… be honest, if you can ascertain the plot of Head you need to have your head checked!

One thing to add….on Friday night, Yellow Submarine screens first, but on Saturday night, Head screens first! Pay attention, we don’t need any whiners crying they didn’t know!!  This is so folks can attend the Fun 4, Beatles tribute concert at the Strand on Saturd...

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