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Ready Or Not – More Rambo!

This weekend mix a little horror with our action…. Rambo: Last Blood followed by Ready Or Not!

Open Friday &  Saturday only!  Gates open @ 6pm – Rambo on screen @ 8pm

As predicted, the critics panned Rambo – but not the audiences….Rotten Tomatoes gives it an audience score of 84%!!  It’s a great action flick.  Following Rambo, we have the under-the-radar- horror flick Ready Or Not – don’t miss this highly rated film as we usher in October and Skyline Scares!

This Wednesday ONLY  our September installment of the Pandemonium Picture Show: Gates open @ 6pm – The Last House On Dead End Street (1973) hits the screen @ 8pm followed by Deadbeat At Dawn (1988)….no one under 18 admitted…..$10/person admission….$25/carload……..

We are kicking of the Fall season at The Skyline with some great d...

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The Critics Drew First Blood, Not Me!

This weekend we amp up the action with Rambo: Last Blood followed by Angel Has Fallen!

Open Friday &  Saturday only!  Gates open @ 6pm – first movie on screen @ 8:15pm

John Rambo takes on his final mission in a sure-to-be-critically panned, however sure-to-be-hit finale to the Rambo series: Rambo:Last Blood…..following Rambo is yet another critically panned, but highly underrated audience fav Angel Has Fallen –  likely to be the finale to the Fallen series as well!

We have a winner!  In It:Chapter 2, a license plate on the wall above the owner of the antiques shop is “CQB 241” – what’s the significance? Lisa Lewis  correctly answered “That is Christine’s license plate number”.  Lisa wins 2 free passes to the Skyline!

This weeks trivia:  Last Blood is the first in the Rambo serie...

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