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Ralph Is Still Wrecking It!

Open Friday & Saturday only….AND we are open earlier…gates open @ 6pm, movie on screen @ 7pm!

Starting this weekend we have November’s hottest movie – the follow up to Wreck-It Ralph…..Ralph Breaks The Internet! Our 2nd feature is the continuation of the Fantastic Beasts franchise with The Crimes Of Grindlewald!

We have a winner!  An animated screaming goat appears in Ralph, what 2018 animated films also feature a screaming goat?  Amber Dodson best answered “A Star Is Born”   Amber wins 2 free passes to the Skyline! Now we all agree that Lady Gaga sings very bovid-esque, but Amber’s answer is technically not correct – but she wins because that’s damn funny. For those with OCD – the correct answer was The Grinch &  Smallfoot – however – no one got both answers…hence it makes Amber...

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