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Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Yep – it’s not a double-take – it’s a double-tap…..we repeat last weekends lineup with Playing With Fire and Terminator: Dark Fate! I’m sure you’ll all wonder why – well, it simply has to do with how the studios dictate releases and being able to show upcoming films like Frozen 2 next weekend!

Don’t let a little cold-air keep you from coming out and enjoying films under the stars!

Open Friday & Saturday only!  Gates open @ 6pm – Playing With Fire on screen @ 7pm!!

We have NO winner! The phone number listed on Carl’s van in Terminator: Dark Fate  is, 512-1984, this is in reference to what?  And in the spirit of repeat – no one answered the question last week!  Thus the trivia for this week is the same.  Be 1st to reply to info@theskylinedrivein...

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